6 Ways to Upcycle an Old Sweater

Today I’m coming at you with another DIY post – I’ve been on a roll. It’s just that time of year where you’re cooped up inside and so I craft away to avoid cabin fever. Craft, and drink a lot of coffee.

With winter surely coming to an end sometime soon…seriously…it’s coming. I know it. I can feel it. Spring is out there somewhere guys. It’s time to get ready to pack away sweaters for the season. But, before you pack them away for good consider taking some that you don’t want anymore and upcycling them with one of these fun projects.

I’m sharing six different ways you can upcycle an old sweater in this week’s YouTube video and we’ll cover them below. I saw a cute off the shoulder sweater on Pinterest and that’s how this idea was born. The more I thought about it and researched, the more ways I realized you could use old sweaters. Not only can you upcycle them into new sweaters but you can transform them into totally new things!

DIY Sweater Coasters

Transform old sweater pieces into kitschy coasters for your coffee table. Our new coffee table needed some coasters and these give them the perfect mix of color and warmth.

How to make sweater coasters

On the video this tutorial starts at 6:54
1. Cut pieces of felt that are 4 inches by 4 inches
2. Cut pieces of the sweater to the same size.
3. Using a blanket stitch, sew the two pieces together.
4. You’re done! Easy peasy, right?!

Sweater Slipper Socks DIY

How cozy are these! I ADORE slippers pretty much any time of year. These were so much easier than I thought they’d be and crazy comfy. I also love that because they are slipper socks, not slippers, you can cuddle up on the couch with them! Netflix binge anyone?

How to make sweater slipper socks

On the video this tutorial starts at 00:38
1. Using a piece of paper trace your feet and cut out the shape.
2. Use these forms to cut two identical pieces of sweater from the ribbed part of the sweater – these will be your sock bottoms.
3. Cut off the sleeves of the sweater, these will be the leg of your sweater.
4. Pull the sleeve over your leg until just a little extra hangs off your foot. Cut around the bottom of your foot so that the sweater just covers your foot all the way around.
5. Sew the bottoms you cut to these legs using a blanket stitch.
6. Add a blanket stitch to the top of the leg if you choose.

Sweater Storage Box

I love this DIY. I’m all about having storage boxes and tins around my house. Whether it’s for open shelving or in the home office. This costs less than a $1 to make and is such a cute solution to home storage.

On the video this tutorial starts at 2:04

How to make a DIY sweater box

1. Start with an old cardboard box. Cut off any flaps.
2. Lay the box on the sweater you’ll be using and cut a strip of sweater with an extra 2 inches on each side.
3. Stretch the sweater around the box. Fold the corners down on the bottom and hot glue into place.
4. Repeat on the top, folding inward into the box and hot glue into place.

Open Back Sweater DIY

Open backs are all the rage right now and a perfect way to bring a winter sweater into spring.

On the video this tutorial starts at 3:38

How to DIY an open-back sweater

1. Turning the sweater so the back is up, cut straight up the back of the sweater.
2. To make it more open back style, cut a little extra off each side in a triangle type shape. So, you want to cut more towards the bottom and less as you go up.
3. Using fusible bonding web, fold the new raw edges inward and iron into place to prevent the edges from fraying.
4. Using a piece of velcro, sew one piece to each side of the slit you create up at the neckline. Use this to close the sweater.

See the two other Sweater DIY Projects

To see the rest of the DIY’s you’ll have to check out the video.
DIY Sweater Planter Cover (starts at 4:54)
Off The Shoulder Sweater Top DIY (starts at 5:59)

If you re-create this, don’t forget to share with me using #butfirstcoffeeDIY – a new hashtag I’m going to start using to document all my DIY adventures!

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