6 Months Married AND 11 Details from our wedding day I never want to forget

Holy guacamole it’s so crazy to think tomorrow marks 6 months of being Mrs. Branciforte. Like all good things it feels like it has been forever and also like it was just yesterday.

I figured 6 months was an appropriate amount of time to go back through all my photos (and there’s like, 1,000) and relive every darn second over and over. People really aren’t lying to you when they tell you it’s the best day of your life. Our wedding day was just perfect for us, I wish I could relive it over and over again. Too much gushing? I’m not sorry.

In honor of the big 6 months, figured I’d share 11 details and moments from the big day that I don’t ever, ever want to forget. In case you missed the full post, you can check out Our Wedding Photo Diary here.

My dress

I have these grand plans to write a whole post about this dress someday but I’ll give you the abridged version. My mother sewed this dress, meticulously pinning and sewing on pieces of lace she bought while in Italy. When I started dress shopping I almost immediately knew finding “my dress” wasn’t going to be easy. I didn’t have any desires for a traditional gown and – for the love of God- needed something comfortable (my signature style, don’t you know). Three unsuccessful shopping trips was enough to know it didn’t exist, at least not in my price range. And that’s when my mom threw out the idea, “you know…I think I could make that.”

Enter month of endless dress fittings from muslin to silk, mainly because it turns out making a bodice for someone as small chested as yours truly isn’t all the easy.

In the end, it’s not the world’s most perfect dress. I had to get sewed into it and had pieces of fashion tape all along my side, but it was the perfect dress to me. The experience of getting it built by hand by my own mom was just about the coolest.

My Maid of Honor’s Speech

I might be bias but seriously… best MOH speech of all times. Katie reminded all the guests how Michael and I would never have been together if it were not for her high-quality AIM skills (high school communication at its best) and then raised a glass to Michael and I calling our love “a love we all look up to.” Cue the waterworks.

Our first dance

OMG, I can’t tell you how FREAKING nervous I was about the prospect of Michael and I’s first dance. Neither of us has…how should I say this…rhythm…? Groove…? Essentially we both pretty much have two left feet. I was sort of dreading the idea of standing up in front of all my friends and family to make a total and complete fool of myself.

Oh, in case you were wondering…no, we did NOT practice.

But when the moment came and our song came on there was LITERALLY no one else under that sailcloth tent but the two of us. Cliche I know, but in that moment it was seriously just us and I was an awesome 3 minutes.

The venue

Michael and I wanted a casual wedding and chose to get married in a backyard style. We rented a big, beautiful white house from VRBO. When we pulled up the driveway the first time to see it there was a big American flag hanging off the front porch and I think we both just KNEW this is where we wanted to get married.

The aisle

Because we were in a rented house for the wedding, I tried to keep a lot of the decor simple and easy to bring and take with us when we left. I saw the chalkboard inspiration on Pinterest, duh, and just fell in love. The quote is one that seemed to pretty much sum up exactly how I feel about Michael. It was the perfect last walk as a Miss.

Writing our own vows

We decided semi-last minute to write our own vows. It didn’t make sense to say things to each other that someone ELSE wrote. It was one of the best decisions in our wedding we made. We were able to be sweet, loving, funny, and ourselves.

The coffee mug favors

We decided about 3 months before the wedding that it just wouldn’t be complete without coffee. We ended up bringing in a barista and ordering “best day ever” mugs as our favors. It turned out to be the perfect personalized touch.

My dad seeing me in my dress for the first time

No caption needed, right?

This freakin’ handsome guy

Oh him? He’s just my husband. Listen we aren’t a hopeless romantic couple by any means and I knew it wasn’t going to be waterworks for either of us going down the aisle. But I remember a friend giving me the advice for that “walking down the aisle” nerve and she said “just look down the aisle and don’t take your eyes off him.” Firstly, that’s damn good advice, and second I’ll never forget the big huge smile on his face watching me walk towards him.

These stunning ladies

Getting ready with my girls was such a special morning, I will never forget. When they finally came back into my room in their dresses I remember just being stunned how damn pretty they all looked. Seriously, look at these ladies.



Want more? See the entire wedding photo diary here.

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