5 Truths No One Ever Tells You About Planning a Wedding

Things no one tells you about planning a wedding
Here I am, about 5 days from my big day, and I was thinking about how this wedding planning journey has been. In some ways, it’s just like you think it will be…making DIYs, choosing colors, picking flowers, etc. But there are some things about wedding planning that have surprised me, and I thought I’d share them with you.

1. You do things you said you’d never do.

“I’ll never let my guest list get too long,” “I won’t go over budget,” “I’m not going to worry about stationary, that’s so silly.” Listen, you will be strong and not do SOME of the things you said you would…but trust me, you’re probably going to cross over some of those “I’ll never” lines.

2.Picking the underwear to wear under your dress ISN’T sexy.

I understand this is entirely dependent on the dress you’re wearing. I had these visions of going to get to pick out some super beautiful, sexy undergarments to wear under my dress. HA! Because of the style of my dress, my only concern is find something that WON’T show… and it leaves me looking at undergarments that are the most practical and unsexy thing I’ve ever seen.

3. You become less critical of other people’s weddings.

After going through the process yourself, you join a “I planned a wedding too, tribe.” You immediately become less critical of other people’s weddings because you’ve had someone be critical about yours. Things that before you would have said, “I hate that at weddings,” you now find yourself saying, “That’s so great if that’s what they wanted!”

4. You find it hard to resist the urge to please everyone.

Listen, this is possibly the biggest day of your life next to the time you had coffee for the first time (I mean, maybe like when you have your first kid or something.) Not to mention you’re forking over some cash for the event…you want people to like it. You find yourself wanting verification from people that certain choices are good, or that they like it. This one is important to try to resist…it’s your day and you’ll never please everyone. Your dream dress is NOT anyone else’s, your dream venue is NOT anyone else’s. Make sure to stick with your gut on these choices and try not to be pressured.

5. You will probably consider calling the whole thing off and eloping at least once.

I don’t think I know one bride who didn’t at least think it – but more likely it was an actual conversation with the soon-to-husband with a real “let’s just elope!” moment.

6.You’re not “busy all the time” like you might have imagined.

The weird thing about wedding planning, depending on the length of your engagement, is there are weird lulls of time where there is nothing to do. You get all your venues and vendors booked at the start then find yourself twiddling your thumbs because it’s still too early to start buying presents, doing DIYs, etc. A good chunk of the to-dos all gets crammed into the last few weeks.

I hope these made you smile and if you’re planning a wedding (or have in the past) you agree with me some!

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