I wish I liked exercising

5 Things I Suck At

1. Telling Stories.
I admitted this to you in my 50 Random Facts About me video. But, it’s true. I literally suck at it.. And, I know I suck at it. I can see people nodding their head in acknowledgement, but I know I lost them 5 minutes ago.  It’s a strange phenomenon because I can literally SEE myself sucking at it WHILE I’m doing it, but I just can’t stop.

2. Buying things.
This isn’t what you’re thinking…my problem is NOT buying things…but I have serious commitment problems when it comes to purchasing an item. I have to take people shopping with me to convince me “you need this” or I’ll always leave empty handed. It could  be the perfect pair of pants on sale for $15 and I’ll still convince myself not to buy them. Like, what? Am I even a female?

3. Painting my toe nails.
I don’t even know what this is. I can paint my finger nails well enough that strangers will stop me to ask me where I get them done, but when I paint my toenails, no matter how hard I concentrate, it looks like I let Austin do it.

4. Talking about wedding stuff.
The minute you get engaged, everyone asks you about your wedding. Which is nice, I’m not complaining. I mean, I’m thinking about my wedding every second, so thanks for asking. But, like, I’m so bad at talking about it.
“Do you have flowers, which ones are you gunna get?”   “Um, like, white ones?”
“What’s your dress look like?!” “It’s like, um, white, and long and stuff.”
“What decor are you doing on the tables?” “FUCK! I need decorations for the tables?! I quit this.”

I wish I liked exercising

5. Exercising.
Just, no. I’ve never really loved exercising. Take me hiking or swimming or let’s play tennis, but you will never find me bouncing about in any Zumba or cardio class. It’s not that I don’t like the “working” bit  – I pride myself on being a pretty hard worker, but it’s just SO boring!

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