4 Celebrity Beauty Secrets You Should Probably Try


Last week I compiled a bunch of celebrity beauty secrets and tips and hacks and tried them out for myself to see if they would really work. You can see all that in the video below. But, from trying them out, I found 4 that were pretty dang good that you just might want to try for yourself!

Champagne Hair Rinse

That’s right guys, rinsing your hair in champagne. It’s about as close to celeb status as you can feel on a random Tuesday evening.

I thought FOR SURE there was no way that this would actually do anything for my hair, seemed like a silly celebrity “wannabe” secret to me. But, I went ahead and tried it anyways. The science behind this one is that champagne, made from grapes, is high in antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. This will protect your locks and give your hair a shiny appearance.

Starting with wet, just cleaned hair, you’re going to pour the champagne all over your hair. Some recipes I read said to dilute the champagne, but that just seemed like extra work for me so I just poured it all over, completely saturating my hair. (Side note: quality of Champagne didn’t seem to matter, so I went for the CHEAPEST one available.) I loosely squeezed out the excess and then put my hair into a bun for about 30 minutes, allowing the champagne to sit on my hair. Then, rinse and style as normal.

The next morning I was pleasantly surprised to find my hair looking shiny and more conditioned than normal. Certainly not over-the-top shiny, but definitely more shiny than usual.

Use a spoon to curl your lashes

I read about Miranda Kerr doing this hack and was hesitant at first. What’s with everyone wanting to use kitchen supplies at the makeup vanity? IDK. But the idea is simple, gently warm the spoon with warm water and then press to your lashes to curl upwards. HOLY GUACAMOLE guys, this was so much easier than a regular eyelash curler and worked like a charm. Excuse me while I go throw away all my inferior lash curlers and replace them with spoons. k.bye.

Ice water facial

This next one seems pretty popular among a lot of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and even classics like Joan Crawford. In the morning, take a bowl of cold ice water and give your face a good dunk or two. I know this sounds like it might be painful, but it’s actually really refreshing and has some more benefits than just that. The cold water helps to reduce puffiness and redness in your skin. It also tightens up pores!

While you could try to take the easy way out and just splash your face with some cold water in the AM, either way, I suggest you give the cold water facial a try.

Prevent creases in your hair with paper

This one comes from the one and only Kim Kardashian and is to help you prevent getting a crease in your hair from a clip/bobby pin when applying your makeup. Typically, you want hair off your face when you’re putting on your makeup and if you don’t have a soft headband handy your options are a bobby pin or a hair elastic, both which will leave you with creases in your hair. The trick is to take a piece of paper and put it between the bobby pin and the hair, preventing any crease! I thought this was such an easy and simple trick to an everyday makeup problem. Thanks Kim K.

And, if you want to see ALL the celeb beauty secrets I tried, including some flops, check out my Celebrity Beauty Secrets Tests video:

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