thoughts when you're stuck at the airport

15 Things You Think When You’re Stuck in the Airport

Last night my flight was delayed and I ended up spending about 5 hours in terminal 3 of the Tampa Airport. While sitting there, I thought all the things we all think when stuck at the airport.

thoughts when you're stuck at the airport

1. How come all the good restaurants are in another terminal?

2. Jason Bolts, they’ve paged you like 8 times, go get your damn wallet at the security gate.

3. I definitely need one of those neck pillows… And, if I’m going to get a neck pillow, I also need to get the matching blanket. #stylish

4. How come people listen to things on their phone without headphones even though I CAN CLEARLY SEE YOUR HEADPHONES?

5. How long until it’s appropriate to get another Starbucks coffee?

6. How on earth does anyone look cute traveling? I look like I slept by a highway underpass and let the rats do my hair this morning.

7. When it’s nighttime do they park all the airplanes in the hangers, or do some stay on the tarmac? If so, how do they decide which ones to put in and keep out?

6. Why is airport food so gross? Are they restricted to bringing in fresh ingredients due to security?

7. How come when you’re sitting in an area that is mostly empty someone always has to come up and sit 2 seats away from you?

8. Why aren’t there playgrounds for all these fiesta kids to go play?

9. Honestly, what on earth are people doing in those restrooms?

10. They should segregate the people going places on vacation from those of us obviously just traveling home so we don’t have to see happy people in Hawaiian shirts when I’m about to take a red-eye home and have to get up the next morning for work.

11. Why did I eat that gross breakfast burrito at Austin airport?

12. Who is really buying expensive jewelry and watches at the airport?

13. The Christmas music they are playing isn’t really cheering me up.

14. Why did this guy just take off his shoes?

15. I give Tom Hanks a lot of credit for living in a terminal for as long as he did.


Join the fun, what thoughts do you think when stuck in the airport?

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