14 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

wedding hacks every bride should know

It’s safe to say I’m no professional at this wedding planning thing – I mean, this is my first go at planning a wedding too. But, after over a year of being engaged and spending too many hours on Pinterest (like every good bride in the past 10 years) I’ve learned some tricks and tips I want to share with you. These are wedding hacks every bride can use to help them in planning the big day!

1. Get a wedding-only email

You will get so many emails when planning a wedding and trying to sort them out from personal email is a mess. Get an email JUST for the wedding and honeymoon to keep everything in one place.

2. Unseal a sealed envelope

While you’re drowning in envelopes, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a “wait, did I put the RSVP card in there” moment. To unseal a sealed envelope, place it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for 1-2 hours. When you take it out, the flap should open up easily allowing you to check inside without ruining the envelope!

3. Google Docs = your BFF

If you’re not on Google Docs, do it. You can easily create and organize spreadsheets and documents that you can then share and edit with your fiance, bridesmaids, family, etc.

address stamp for wedding hacks
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4. Invest in an address stamp

Guy, SO MANY ENVELOPES! Trust me, you’re hand will thank you.

5. Consider an online RSVP

I used anrsvp.com and it’s been amazing. The site is free, allows me to upload all my invites, create unique links for guests to RSVP, and all the info comes into my dashboard in a nice organized fashion. No more chasing around tiny RSVP envelopes.

6. Have your bra sewn into your dress

Bras had a tendency to show when you don’t want them to. And, on a day when all eyes are on you, let’s avoid that slip-up. A seamstress can easily sew your bra into your dress so it stays put all day.

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7. Go untraditional for your registry

We registered for some traditional items, but also some less traditional items as well. Using the site zola.com you are able to register for honeymoon funds, cleaning services, cooking classes, monthly subscriptions, and more.

8. Sip sparkling water on the big day

If you’re drinking red wine, the bubbles act as a natural exfoliant and help bubble away the red so you avoid that “red wine mouth”

9. Avoid dairy

Try limiting dairy 4-8 days before your big day. Dairy has natural inflammatory properties which can cause bloat.

10. Ask for help

Even if you’re a “I can do it myself” kind of person, planning a wedding is hard. And, your friends and family TOTALLY want to be a part of the process with you. Let them help out!

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11. Get a wedding hashtag

If you’re a social media lover like yourself, consider a hashtag early in the process and share it with everyone! It’s a fun way to get all the images from the engagement and wedding in one place! (check ours out above!)

12. Make a mood board

You’re going to be answering A LOT of questions during the planning process. Having a mood board to reference will help you answer some of these questions and help ensure the big day has a nice cohesive look.

13. Pre-write your Thank Your letters

In 2016, you’ll have access to your registries online and will be able to see most gifts as they are bought for you. While it maybe ruins a little of the surprise, consider writing thank you notes as the gifts come in. This means you won’t have 100 thank you letters to write after your wedding. Also, by writing them in small batches, you’re more inclined to take the time to write meaningful and personalized messages.

14. Have fun!

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Enjoy the process and the big day.

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