11 Things I Always Buy on Amazon

Amazon Brand Clothing

My two favorite Amazon brand clothings are Amazon Essentials and Daily Ritual. I find the Amazon Brand stuff is almost always very good quality. 

That being said, I do also dabble in the off-brand stuff, too, and have found some gems. But, what I’ll say about that is be ready to return things because it’s a 50/50 chance these will work out.

Leopard T-Shirt
Fits TTS
Black Cold Shoulder Top
Fits large, size down. I wish I got an XS
Romper – fits TTS
Off-the-shoulder makes it nursing friendly
Floral Maxi – super comfy
Functional buttons in front but they are kinda tricky so not ideal for nursing
Camo sweat pant joggers
I wear these all the time. TTS
Daily Ritual Tops
This one is wrinkly but they are great quality, not too sheer, wash great.
I love this soft striped sweater
Ultra-soft, plush cardigan

All my Amazon Favorite Fashion:

Diapers and Baby Essentials 

As a mom, getting baby essentials dropped at my door is a lifesaver, and even better when it saves money. Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and other items we use on the regular are all things I order and save money on through Amazon. 

Just a note not ALL baby stuff is the best price on Amazon, so if you’re buying something bigger like a crib, stroller, carrier, bouncer, etc. I suggest you do a quick price comparison on the web to make sure you’re getting the best price.

My Amazon Baby Favorites:


I get my vitamins and supplements through Amazon and not only have I found the price equal to other places, but what I like is there is more variety than you can get that the pharmacy. I like being able to browse multiple brands and find the right one for me.


Kind of random, but we always buy ll our socks through Amazon from simple white tennis shoe socks to thick wool socks for winter. I find the best variety and prices.

Favorite Amazon Socks:


We all know Amazon was sort of built on books and they are a still a great place to get what you need. I find that their selection is always the best and the price options are good. Plus I love that most books you can find the option right for you whether it’s new, used, paperback, audiobook etc.

Baby Clothes

I have found Amazon a great place to get deals on baby clothing, specifically the name brand stuff like Columbia, Burt’s Bees, and Carters. My best find are linked below.

Hard to find Housewares

If you need something specific for the home, Amazon probably has it. Usually you can find a great variety and it saves you from having to go to multiple stores looking for a specific item. 

A few of my random house favorites here:


Another thing I love Amazon for is what I call absurdities. Just random ass shit you honestly didn’t even know existed or thought you couldn’t find.  This is so good for one of kind gifts or unique things around your house. 

Last-Minute Deals

Another sweet place to shop on Amazon is their Last Minute Deals page. These are lighting deals that go on sale for a short period (usually just a matter of hours) but when they ARE on sale it’s usually the best price you’ll find anywhere

Subscribe and Save

Something else I always use from Amazon is their Subscribe & Save program. If you don’t use it already, the way it works is you subscribe to items you use a lot like diapers, laundry detergent, shampoos, vitamins, etc. You pick the frequency you want them delivered at such as 1x a month, every 4 months, 3 a month… whatever. This automatically saves you 5% on these items. But the real kicker is if you have 5 or more things on Subscribe & Save that month you save even more (typically between 10-20%). I save 20% on diapers, 15% on my laundry detergent, and 10% on my vitamins. So not only are you saving on things you buy a lot but they are set to auto-ship so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pick it up.

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