10 Tips to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

10 Tips to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

I recently stopped by my local news station to share some budget-friendly ways to decorate your table for Thanksgiving. I love having a special table for holidays, but it’s not worth breaking the bank over. So here are some of the tips I shared, AND MORE, to make decorating for Thanksgiving a pinch on a pinch!

10 Tips to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Watch the news segment here!

Keep it Neutral

Buy staples in neutral colors so they work for many holidays. I have white plates and gold chargers. Then, you can add little bits of holiday color in things like name cards, ribbon on the candles, etc.

Skip the Tablecloth

Formal tablecloths can make things feel too stuffy, and can be expensive just to get gravy spilled all over! Opt for just a table runner or even better, get a roll of butcher block paper at the Dollar Tree.

10 Tips to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Make Mini Floral Arrangements

Skip the big, expensive bouquets and just grab a few inexpensive stems from the grocery store and make mini bouquets. This allows you to get more bang for your buck and avoids oversized floral arrangements that make it hard to see the person across from you.

Use Things Already in Your House

Stick to inexpensive stems like carnations, daisies, babies’ breath, greenery, and roses. Or, buy one larger bouquet but then break it down into 4-5 smaller ones. And, don’t feel like you need to buy vases. I just use glasses from my kitchen cabinet.

Shop your house for decorations. As mentioned above, I use drinking glasses as vases. Look for small bowls and shelf decor that you can repurpose for your tablescape. No need to buy a bunch of stuff for a single use.

Embrace Mismatched Styles

One of the more expensive parts of a tablescape is getting everything to match – such as having a full set of matching glasses or napkins. Instead, I say embrace the mismatched style a little. Purposefully do 4 of one wine glasses and 4 of another, give everyone a different napkin, have different salad plates, etc. This allows you to shop what you already have an avoid having to buy full new sets.

Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Get Dollar Tree Chargers

Dollar Tree sells plate chargers and I’ve had my set for 6 years. I use them for every holiday and they immediately elevate the tablescape! It’s probably the best $12 I’ve spent on hosting.

Level-up with Place Cards

The only time you ever get name place cards is at very special events like weddings. By using place cards at a dinner at home, it makes it feel SO special. And, you can do it for basically nothing. These little mini chalkboards are a set of 20 for $7. Plus, you can use them year after year!

Another thing I’ve done is place cards with little conversation starters on the back. It’s such a fun idea to get fun conversations started at Thanksgiving dinner.


Candles are SO affordable when you buy simple whites – I get them at the Dollar Tree. Having a smattering of flickering candles makes any tablescape look elevated. You don’t even need holders, just light them as is, or get little votives for under $1 each at IKEA or the dollar store. I say you can’t have too many!

Let the Food Be the Centerpiece

At the end of it all, there’s usually A LOT of food on the table, so don’t overload your table with decor. All the beautiful dishes can take the spotlight.

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