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10 Things I Loved in March

April is just about here, so today I want to look back at 10 things I LOVED in March, from events to food to products to mindsets.

nevertheless, she persisted

1. Persistence

Do you ever get caught up feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere? Sometimes I get caught up looking at where I want to be that I forget to appreciate how damn far I’ve come. Sometimes I get into these funks and I hate it. I push myself endlessly to stay optimistic when things don’t go my way because I know at the end of the day the only thing in my own way is me. But, it doesn’t always stop me from getting down. At the end of this month, though, I’m feeling rejuvenated and mega motivated. Walls aren’t built overnight. Every attempt doesn’t result in success. If I want something from life the only one who can get me there is myself. So going into April I’m kicking self-pity to the curb and reinvesting my energy in myself.

2. Caffeinate and Conquer

Along with feeling more motivated I’ve been really getting back into my groove thang with Caffeinate and Conquer. I’ve got an e-book that’s coming, some services to announce soon (EEEK!!), and more! If you don’t know, Caffeinate and Conquer is my second website and blog all about helping others grow their online presence. I currently have some e-courses, some free resources, videos, and more.

office organize

3. Office Redo

Michael and I are embarking on redoing our office/guest room in April. We’ve lived in so many rental homes I don’t think I’ve ever redone and entire room all at once and am feeling a little anxious about it! I’m used to slowing adding little pieces until something is how I want it to be. I have started creating mood boards and drawing sketches in hopes that everything will come out how I want. Either way, I’m sure I’ll fuss over it for months getting it just right!

This past weekend we went to Raymour and Flanigan and picked out new desks, office chairs, an area rug, and more! Excited to piece this room together!

I'm a lot cooler online

4. This mug.

This mug speaks to me on a spiritual level you guys. I think pretty much every person is cooler on the internet, let’s be real with ourselves. But, it’s even more true for us bloggers of the world.

Oh, and it’s only $13. Oh, and it’s the best thing I found all dang March.


5. Crafting

Girlfriend has been gettin’ her craft on lately. I’ve been busy with all sorts of DIYs and it makes me very happy. I’m a crafter at heart but sometimes time or circumstance makes it harder. I love having a project to work on and have been making all sorts of things – with lots more to come. It keeps my hands busy and is a great creative outlet. My favorite project this month was my DIY Yarn Wall Hanging.

6. Bathroom Makeover

OK, I guess I lied about the office being the first full room I ever made over because I finished our guest bathroom makeover in March. But, that’s a small room, does it really count? Let’s say no.

Either way, I’m still pumped with the way this room came out with this awesome wallpaper (that’s removable! yay rental decor tips!) See the whole rental bathroom makeover here.

kallie birthday

7. I’m feelin’ 29

I turned the big old 2-9 in March. T-swift didn’t know what she was talking about…”feelin’ 22″ nah, girl, feelin’ those late twenties vibes. I wrote about how I don’t dread growing older and how my 19-year-old self would view me, in honor of the big day. I also went out with my husband, dad, and stepmom to celebrate with too many prosecco cocktails and it was perf.

This is what it looks like when you order the caramelized bread pudding for your birthday dessert. I don’t know if bread pudding is a dessert for your 90th birthday, not your 29th, but I’m not sorry about it. It’s a delicious concoction of my favorite things….bread and sugar and butter.

8. Skin Care Reset

My skin was ANGRY at the beginning of the year. I had a lot of stress going on… but I always know the first thing I should do when things aren’t looking good in the skin department is NOT to make excuses and to instead get to my dermatologist. Literally, the best advice I can give you is to get a GOOD dermatologist and listen to him/her. I’m happy to report my skin is finally feeling and looking back to normal.

I shared my must-have skincare products at the moment with you as well, which you can see in this post, my holy grail skin care items for dry skin.

9. Long weekend adventures

Michael and I took a long weekend off together in March and it was perfect. We always take time off and fill it with things and activities (because that’s the point, right?) But we figured for once we’d just take a few days off and not pack it with activities but instead just use it to relax, stay local, and hang out. We ran some errands, watched a lot of stupid movies, and found this very perfect backpack for Michael at the mall. Oh, and Michael went to see mah girl @Saripaints and she gave him a killer haircut.

10. Donut Crazy

One of the things we did on our day off was visit Donut Crazy. It is a donut shop in New Haven, they have a few CT locations, with the best damn donuts you’ll ever have. We were in New Haven because I got to share some fun DIY face masks on a local news station, which was a lot of fun. You can see my grand appearance here.

That’s all! Let’s raise a glass to a good April. Hopefully, we’ll see spring temperatures, spring flowers, and lots of sunshine.

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