10 Things I Loved in July

Literally, what the heck. How is it August already?

I start to stress this time of year that summer is going to slip away before I know it. I love fall like the rest of New England, but girlfriend is NOT ready to put away her jean shorts. July seriously flew by, I feel like I was just sitting down to write my June recap.

We spent our last weekend of July “celebrating” Michael’s birthday. And I say “celebrating” because Michael doesn’t like making a big deal about his birthday. Makes it easy for me, haha! We topped it all off by going to Chilis. I know, so anti-climatic. But, we had a gift card. Plus, say what you will about Chilis, but they have really delicious salsa and chips. I could eat that salsa and those chips every day for the rest of my life.

Michael topped his birthday weekend off by ramming his foot into a door and breaking his toe. They now have him in a boot and on crutches. Poor guy. Also, you’re welcome to pity me too because that means I’ll be tending to him like a baby bird until he’s mobile again. Also, I’ll give you two guesses on who will have to mow the lawn this week. Yea..it’s not gimpy so unless Austin learns how to push the lawn mower I’m out of luck.

Either way, July is behind us so it’s that time again. Here are 10 things I loved in July.

This Nordstroms Dress

I got this dress from Nordstroms (no not during the sale) and have been wearing it every second of my life. It’s so freaking comfortable and you can dress it up or dress it down.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see it everywhere. This is another reason I’m not ready for fall. I love fall style, but summer style is just so much easier. You can’t beat the “throw on a dress and you’re done,” ease of summertime.

Also, I’m bringing back the bathroom selfie on my Instagram as well. That’s right, two bathroom selfies in one month. What?! Granted, the above Nordstrom bathroom looks more like a swanky hotel, but you get my drift.

Hanging Bedside Lights

OK, so obsessed with my newest #ButFirstCoffeeDIY. These hanging rope lights are so perfect for our bedroom because they don’t take up any nightstand space but they give us each our own bedside light. I made them for $15 each and they only took me an hour. I don’t know why I never thought of bedside lights like this before! Lights that take up your entire nightstand are so annoying, like “what are you even doing here? Who invited you?” I just adore how unobtrusive these ones are!

You can see the full DIY here: DIY Rope Hanging Lights


Summer Evening Dog Walks

It’s hard to beat New England summer nights. Michael and I have been taking the dogs out a lot after work and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a day stuck in an office. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about a simple walk that’s just so rejuvenating and satisfying. Plus, the dogs aren’t complaining either.

But, now that Michael is crippled (see intro) I guess I’ll be walking alone.


I recently got unlimited data on my phone, I know who am I? Somehow it was a better deal to have it? Don’t ask me how that works. But, that means I can stream when I drive now so I’ve been getting into listening to podcasts. I would LOVE your recommendations on which ones I might like if you listen to any good ones. I like a good range from business to science to real life stories. I’d say the only ones I don’t really get into are the “self-help” ones. Just never been for me.

Also curious how other podcast listeners organize their podcasts. Do you guys download them and organize them on your phone? That seems like it would take up a lot of space. Maybe bookmark them? Tell me your secrets I’m new to podcast listening.


This Mug

Michael surprised me with this mug when we were out shopping. I was in the dressing room at Francesca’s and I hear him giggling outside. When I come out, he’s paying for something at the counter and told me it was “the perfect Kallie mug.” Wow, was he right. Literally the perfect mug for all the things I love and hate.

Donuts > abs. 4 lyfe.

Get the mug here.

New Conquer YouTube Bundle

Ok, maybe a little bit of a shameless plug here, but go ahead and amuse me. I offered my course, Conquer YouTube, on sale recently and threw in a free YouTube Channel Audit (which is like my Blog Audits, but for your YouTube channel), and got a good response. I have gotten through a couple of the audits from students who enrolled and just loved chatting with them and helping them through their channel. So, that’s why I’ve decided to include a YouTube Channel Audit FREE with every Conquer YouTube enrollment. So, if you’re looking to kick ass with YouTube, check it out.


The Benefits of Staying Home

I wrote this extensive post about why staying home isn’t a bad thing, and loved hearing all your responses. In an age when we all have constant FOMO and think we need to be always doing something interesting for “the gram,” it’s nice to sit back and remember that that’s not “real life” for most people. Michael and I love spending time at home, and I never have felt guilty about it. But, I loved reading your comments about loving time at home too! Ain’t nothing wrong with being a homebody.



Seriously, I ate so much ice cream in July.  Firstly, we got a Ben & Jerrys close to where we live, so we’ve been there…well…a lot. If you want to know what I mean by a lot, well the woman at the counter said: “you guys are starting to become regulars around here.” That’s right, regulars at the ice cream shop. That’s us.

Also, oh look, there’s that Nordstrom’s dress again.

Links I loved

12 Habits of Good Leaders

These people who are too pure for this world – literally #4 was me when I went to Peru.

Networking 101: Stop Asking People to Coffee

Why you Should Consider Localizing your Blog – benefits of being a “local” blogger.

Ted Talks for Young Professionals

Small Space Hacks – great for small homes and small rooms!


July Vlog

The monthly vlogs continue. I’m trying to get back into the swing of it but I don’t feel like I’m quite there yet. The goal is to make August even better. Vlogging is for real hard though. You think it’ll be easy but documenting life while also trying to LIVE life is hard. And time-consuming. But, I honestly love having these vlogs because it’s fun to look back on them over the years and reminisce.

What was your best moment of July?

Alright friends, that does it for this month’s roundup. Make sure you don’t miss anything from the BFC blog by Signing up for the newsletter.


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