10 Simple Ways to Destress



Sometimes life just gets stressful. We get a lot on our plates and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, inadequate and frustrated.  Here are some of my favorite, simple, ways to de-stress.
1. Take a walk.
Taking a walk always helps me clear my head. The fresh air and movement helps me to put things into perspective.

2. Reason with yourself.
When things go wrong, we tend to over-analyze and sometimes make smaller issues feel bigger than they are. Remind yourself that whatever is bothering you ISN’T in fact, the end of the world.

3.Have a “good vibes” playlist.
I have playlists called “Kitchen Dance Party” and “Happy Jams.” Music can be an instant mood lifter. I play them and jam around the house while doing chores or have a car dance party on the way home from work. People passing by are always jealous of my mad dance moves.

4. Get away
I don’t exactly mean “go on a trip,” unless it’s something you can do. But you can “get away” in your own town by just leaving whatever situation is stressing you out. Go get a coffee, walk around the outlet mall, lay out in the sun for 20 minutes, etc.

5. Open the window
Natural sunlight can really make you feel more alert, happy, and energized. So open the window and get some fresh air and sunlight.

6. Treat yo’ self.
Usually my stress is brought on by having too much on my plate. Sometimes taking 60 minutes to do something for myself can make me feel like I have it together again. I’ll usually give myself a full on at home mani/pedi and slather on some decadent face mask and treat myself to some “me” time.

7. Look forward.
One of my biggest beliefs is to not stew over what “could have” or “should have.” There’s no use in me stressing over things that have already happened. Instead I ask myself “how can I improve this going forward?” This helps me see a light at the end of the tunnel and a plausible solution to my problem.

8. One word: Cocktail
Some people might not agree with my here, especially if you’re not a drinker, but taking the time to mix yourself up (or have a bartender mix you up) one of your favorite cocktails and taking the time to just sit and enjoy it can be a total stress-reliever.

9. Compliment yourself
Girl, you’re awesome. You’re so pretty and smart and your nail beds are amazing. You can also check out these mediocre compliments, if you need some inspiration.

10. Read.
Reading is such an awesome escape. Find a great book you can get lost in.


What are some of your favorite ways to relieve stress?


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