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I’m hoping, possibly very over-optimistically, to get back to sharing monthly favorites (or maybe every-other-monthly favorites). Either way I had some good stuff from August, so I wanted to round ’em up for you. Let’s do it. Clothing I Loved A few new loves
Per usual, I’m a day late on the Monthly Favorites wagon. October 1st, October 2nd, what’s the difference, guys? I didn’t do a monthly favorites post for August, so I didn’t want to miss September. My monthly favorites sort of change every month, sometimes
It’s hard to believe that August is already here. These summers always seem to fly by. As a normal New England girl, I’m excited for the fall. But, I’m also not one of those people who wish my summer away waiting for it. I’m
July is here! Which, to me, means officially summer. And if the hot temps have anything to do with it then YES, summer is definitely here because it’s been a heat wave here in Connecticut. I wanted to round up all the things I
but first coffee blog January favorites
Just me or was Janurary the longest month in history? Well, it’s finally past and it’s that time again- time to look back at the month and see what things I loveloveloved. This month was definitely all about some amazing new products I’m excited

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