My Favorite Things in May

May has been a month full of some great discoveries and practical finds that have made my daily routines smoother and more enjoyable. From efficient storage solutions to essential outdoor gear, my top picks have truly stood out this month!

Large storage tote.

Moving and Storage Totes

These durable totes are perfect for organizing and storing, making them ideal for both moving and everyday use. I use them in the basement to organize similar items (like all the arts & crafts stuff, or all my kids’ toy trucks). They’re also amazing for seasonal and holiday storage. 

Kids play table with cover.

Water Table Cover

This handy cover keeps your kids’ water table clean and protected from the elements, ensuring it’s always ready for playtime! 

Kids bug repellent.

Kid Safe Bug Spray

I won’t pretend to be an expert on kid bug spray, but after reading this article (, I chose the above bug spray that I feel really good about this summer.  

Chip storage solution.


These innovative sealing sticks are THE SUPERIOR bag clip. Keep your food fresh easily. All you have to do is fold over any bag, they slide on and create an airtight seal. Not only does your food last longer, but unlike bag clips, they won’t just pop off randomly and spill all of the contents.

Room spray for indoor air.

Fresh Wave Room Spray

This natural room spray eliminates odors and freshens up any space. The scent itself doesn’t really linger, but it does eliminate the bad smells! I’ve been using this for our upstairs bathrooms, kid’s rooms, etc.

Kids knitted shoes.

Jan and Jul Shoes

These are perfect summer shoes for kids – offering durability and support. Bonus: they come in tons of cute patterns! No socks needed and they’re okay to get wet.

Storage bags with zipper.

Wet Dry Bags

A water-resistant pouch on the inside for storing wet or dirty items with a secondary pouch to keep it separate from the clean stuff; these bags are a lifesaver. 

Kids kitchen tower.

Boon Pivot Tower

This is hands down my favorite learning tower I’ve ever used. Durable, easy to clean, and folds flat in seconds. 

Clear zipper pouch.

Zipper Pouches to Organize

These pouches are perfect for keeping small items tidy and easily accessible. I use them for everything from toy storage to on-the-go organization. 

Trash bag for car.

Trash Bag for Car

The Toss-It is the BEST BEST BEST way to keep your car trash-free. It hangs on the headrest and when it’s full you just rip it away and there’s a new bag hanging there! The best part is there is a sticky adhesive to keep your full bags closed until you’re ready to officially throw it out.

Freezer storage cubes.

Souper Cubes

These freezer trays are perfect for meal prep, allowing you to freeze soups, sauces, and more in convenient portions. 

Large outdoor storage container.

Outdoor Cabinet for Toy Storage

This outdoor cabinet is perfect for keeping outdoor toys organized and easily accessible. Everything from scooters to the hard-to-organize balls and sports gear. 

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