Bridesmaid Dress Shopping – Wedding Wednesday


On Saturday I rounded up my Bridesmaids (missing one who lives afar) and ventured out to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I was surprised to hear from most of them that even though they’d been a bridesmaid a few times before they’d never actually gone “bridesmaid dress shopping” but had always just been told “ok order this one.”

I know you can’t always control it, but if you can, go bridesmaid dress shopping with your girls. It’s a fun excuse for a girl’s day and great for the ladies to bond (especially if some don’t know each other that well yet!)

I had such a blast hanging with some of my favorite ladies and getting to watch them slink in and out of dresses. Seriously, one of the best parts after wedding dress shopping is I didn’t have to take my clothes off once. Hallelujah!

I showed up at our 11:00am meeting with all the necessary items for Mimosas. I even made the girls little tumblers with “team bride” ribbons. I think it’s a fun something special to do considering they are all about to fork over some cash for a dress for your wedding day…plus, champagne makes everything more fun.


(Yes, my coffee mug has mimosa in it.)

We hit up about 4 different shops, looked at more shades of pink than I even know existed, laughed, gossiped, shared fashion tips and had an all around great time.

I think one of my favorite parts about the day was just being able to get the girls all together.  These are all ladies who are super important to me, but they don’t all know each other that well. Seeing everyone get along so well was awesome. Not that I didn’t think they would, ’cause obviously they are all the best and the coolest, but it made me even more excited for my big day.



After shopping we were all in dire need of sustenance, and by that I mean margaritas.  We went to Besito in West Hartford and they mix up some dang good ‘ritas and also some pretty tasty table-side guac. All our basic bitch needs were met.

But the absolute, hands down, best part of the day came during dinner. The girls said they had a gift for me, which I found odd considering it was kinda “their day” in my mind.  I also hate surprises of any kind, so I was also super suspicious. Well, a cryptic gift and heart-warming letter later, I  was tuned-in to the surprise that they’d all pitched in to get me a wedding photographer. We cried, and hugged, and laughed, and cried a little more.

Back story is….Michael and I are footing at least half the bill for our wedding.  Because of this, we were forced to make some budget cuts.  While at the end of the day these cuts don’t really bother me – I’m marrying Michael and that’s all that really matters – there are certainly some things we can’t have that we wish we could.  After seeing the price tags for a wedding photographer, we just convinced ourselves we didn’t need one, although deep down  we both knew that wasn’t true. We couldn’t give up food, or music, or chairs to sit in…so had to give up on something that was a more “special” item.

Well, as best girlfriends often do, my ladies knew what I needed almost more than I did.  I was floored. I’m still stunned, honestly.

I’m definitely a quality of quantity kinda gal when it comes to friends, and moments like this just reiterate that point. While I’ve never doubted how amazing my friends are, a moment like this can prove how selfless and compassionate and special certain people are in your life.  I feel so loved and so blessed to have girls in my life that care for me so much that they are willing to give such a generous gift that will allow me to remember the most special day of my life forever.  It’s an amazing feeling to feel so much love from people you care about so much.

And I leave you here, because I’m getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it.  I can’t wait for you all to see my beautiful ladies in the dresses they picked – photographed by a professional now 😉


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